Goof Goof (II)

Having written ‘Goof! Goof!‘ a while ago, last December 9 I was reminded by Tim Shiel’s tweet…


… that it was high time for me to write the sequel to that blogpost, even though some think (and are sometimes right) that sequels are never any good. What a challenge! So here are some bits and pieces of the goofs I’ve found since I published that first ‘goofy’ post. By the way, these are all evidences from pro (?) journos (?) that (un)intentionally get it wrong. Bless ’em!

Going back to Tim’s tweet, the Herald Sun fixed their typo (probably after reading Tim’s tweet) so those late-readers never got to know that they had ‘rechristened’ Gotye. This also happened to me/us with this deplorable (sorry, I had to speak my mind here) review about the Gotye (or should I say Goyte?) gig at Riverstage (Brisbane). I hesitated so much before tweeting it… I knew that if I did, it’d probably cause a heated debate among some of our followers… and it did indeed! 

And let me tell you, it wasn’t only because of the 7 times (besides the headline) that N. Bochenski misspelled Gotye, or because of the ungrammatical clause towards the end, but also because of some other gems such as the fact that ‘Thanks For Your Time’ and ‘State Of The Art’ are considered ‘novelty’ songs (whatever that means), among other lovely remarks therein. Dear reviewer, just because you were miles away from the stage and so you couldn’t appreciate in proper conditions, this doesn’t mean that you have to talk crap about it. Got it?

Of course, if you go back to the original article, the ‘Goytes’ have disappeared but, oh dear, the Internet quite often keeps traces of previous slips. Busted! 


Believe it or not, Wally has been called even worse things than Goyte. But, please, if you have to call Wally names, don’t call him ‘Willy’.

Fuente *

We all know that Wally is a multitalented
multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer who, sometimes, you may
think has a gift for being ubiquitous on stage, but he isn’t a whole band himself, is he? ‘Their?’ Tut, tut, tut…


Don’t think that our dearest Wally is the only elected to get different names depending on the weather or the planet conjunction. The rest of the band can’t escape some journos’ slips either. 

Ok, ‘Iveson’ mightn’t be the catchiest surname on earth for a drummer, but neither is Anderson.

Source: M. Iveson’s tweet about Modern Drummer

I find bassist Lucas’ surname cool, don’t you think? I dunno, Taranto sounds round, convincing… and Italian. You know, Italy, along with France, has a reputation for being ‘chic’. Apparently, those in Barcelonablogger (a Spanish site) thought alike and took ‘Taranto’ to a higher level, adding a ‘de’ to it, making it sound even more ‘chic’. Aristocratic even. But, to keep closer to the ‘mass’, i.e. us, they even translated his surname into Spanish. How thoughtful of them!


Being a teacher, I’ve seen real mess-ups from my students using automatic translation tools. Try and read this if you dare. In it, you’ll find a completely new Gotye discography you’ve never heard of before (Board Face, Equal Drawing Blood) and a new kiwi songstress, Kindra, who “adds a feminine voice” to ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. What else could she add? Bless her she doesn’t add kangaroo chortles, elephant roars or seagull squaks to it!


And not just that, did you know that, from what I reckon from the pic in this article, Mamma Mia stars Lucas de Tarento aka Dominic Cooper? Well, I can find some resemblance in their… hair?

Lucas and Wally are old friends and, as teenagers, they played together in a band called Downstares. They rehearsed Down Under, that’s for sure, but I truly don’t know if they also rehearsed ‘downstairs’. Could anybody, please, shed some light on that?


Tim Shiel hasn’t escaped the journos’ thirst for innovation and creativity when it comes to names. Faux Pas was (yes, ‘was’, it is not any more, but fear you not, as here’s everything) the French name for Tim Shiel’s experimental creations solo. Lucky me, I attended some French lessons and know that this is by no means how you pronounce ‘Faux Pas’. 

Anyway, nowadays it seems it is common practice to apply the motto ‘don’t imitate, innovate’ or why not, as happens in music remixes, make variations on a theme…


Actually, the author’s nickname is ‘From Go To Whoa’, so it could be said that his writing style is consistent with his/her name and so this gradation (Fax Paus>Faux Pas>Faux Paus) makes total sense.

Nevertheless, from the bottom of my heart, dear Tim Shiel – aka Time Shield, aka Faux Pas – I know finding a name for your new project won’t be an easy task, but seeing how things work in journalism nowadays, here’s my humble piece of advice: look for apt-for-children, easy-to-pronounce name for it. I mean it. Honestly. Oh, and just a thought: brainstormings with followers on Twitter and with ‘likes’ and ‘friends’ on Facebook seem to work pretty well (just ask The Basics how they chose their name for their compilation albums.) 

Variations on a theme have also affected song titles. We already saw here that ‘Heart’s A Mess’ could be ‘Hard To Miss’ and that ‘Julia’ is… is… is… well, it is. But in this last tour, besides adding, among others, the bonus track ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ to the setlist, apparently Willy-Wally & co. have also performed an ‘oldie’ that may be more so than ‘What Do You Want’…


  … and some track called ‘Feel Good’. Cool! 


In my previous post we also observed that some journos had some problems with personal pronouns (Was it you or me the one who used to know you or me?) and argued (wrongly) that the ‘that’ in STIUTK should be ‘who(m)’. That has also happened in these last four months. Dozens of times. I stopped collecting these instances because it was worthless. What surprises me, though, is that some still change ‘somebody’ for ‘someone’. What would STIUTK sound like without that ‘Somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’ towards the end!?!?! Try and sing it with ‘Someone’. Come on, give it a try. All together now. And one, and two, and three: ‘Someooooooneeeee.’ Nope, it doesn’t feel the same. 


Déjà-vus, flashbacks and unexpected twists are not exclusive of fiction, be it in narrative or in films, but you can also find them in journalism. According to Si Hawkins from The National, ‘Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra’ was uploaded… 


while the actual date is…

Also, in STIUTK there was an episode deign of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as, according to Si, it was the wrong Frank, Frank De Backer – not François (Franc) Tétaz-, the one who suggested Kimbra for the feminine part of ‘STIUTK’.

I have to finish with a word of caution. There’s this MediaMass website where some fan fiction on Gotye is published in the form of news. Please, do not believe any of this, although it’s funny (?) to think that fanfics where Tash gets pregnant can look like real news items…


Curiously enough, due to the ‘extreme importance’ of this issue, it keeps being updated, as when I first read it, Wally was on tour somewhere in Europe (even though now it says that happened on Dec. 21 – just look at the date of comment at the bottom of the article), so no chance for him to be having dinner nearby his place on that day…

… or maybe yes. Only Willy Goyte knows the ubiquity power that ‘Someone Who(m) You Used To Know’ has had, has… and will have on him!

*Thanks, Jacqui Rooney, for remarking this and proofreading this text.

**Thanks, Emma Barnard, for the find.


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