Ri-Ri tardona güevona – Diamonds World Tour

Mira que hi arriba a haver seients al Sant Jordi, doncs he anat a parar just al costat d’una estudiant que tinc ara. Acto seguido, lo whatsappea a los compis de la uni, que no s’ho acaben de creure i em demana si ens podem fer una foto para tener documento gráfico del momento. Awkward situation, no diré que no…  En fi, a lo que iba. I després d’1h 20 mins de retard, ha aparescut la reinona güevona. Es lo que hay con la Ri-Ri. Si ho saps, ja t’ho esperes, però qui no ho sap, de ben segur que se n’han recordat de gran part de la família de la Ri-Ri.

Second time I’ve seen her. I liked her better the first time. It’s been good, but it could’ve been better. She sings very well, but the problem is that she only sings the whole song when it’s a slow one, and she doesn’t even try to hide it by lip-synching when she’s not singing and so her voice keeps sounding while you can see her with her mouth closed. Come on, if you go to a concert, we want YOU to sing live at all times and we don’t expect you to sing as well as you do when you’re singing a ballad while standing still. That’s only natural! But nowadays pop stars who dance at the same time that they sing prefer to sound “perfect”, which breaks all the magic. Plus, there are many techniques that she could’ve used instead of using pre-recorded bits, like making the audience sing.


Anyway, her dance moves are breathtaking. The spectacular factor you expect to find in the stage and dance moves was more remarkable and jaw-dropping the first time I saw her live but it wasn’t bad this time either. The technicians weren’t that good when balancing the pre-recorded sound in combination with the live sound, though. The setlist, irregular. That’s recurrent in her. It’s been in crescendo, though, which is a smart move. And her outfits, well, there’s been the “Caribbean” block where she was wearing an outfit that didn’t match at all with the music. The aesthetics of the images and outfits you could see didn’t go together with the music you were listening to. Hands down for the light technician, though! I’ve only noticed the spotlight out of place once.

All in all, just Ri-Ri. You know what you are going to see and it’s ok if you are ok with it.

Veure galeria d’imatges.


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