Kris Schroeder, Colourwaves & The Familiars

OK, my first gig in Melbourne, the paradise of live music. There were only 30 people in the room. Kris Schroeder, from The Basics (Gotye‘s other band), played only 6 songs, including a version of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ because he didn’t know what to play. He even told us, before going on stage, that he didn’t have a set to play in his mind. He was actually waiting for Wally, aka Gotye, to fill out the time allotted. But he didn’t show up and so he called him an “effing prick” on stage. He was drunk, he swore a lot. He basically acted like an arrogant man, which doesn’t mean he is, as he did greet us and introduced us to his friends, including some David from Triple R.

Kris Schroeder
Kris Schroeder

After him, it was Colourwaves’ turn, a synth-pop band. Not bad,but with lots of needs and flaws to overcome.

Colourwaves, in a not so colourful performance
Colourwaves, in a not so colourful performance.

To be honest, the highlight of the night was the third band to play: The Familiars. Awesome. We had heaps of fun listening to them play live (the drummer was very cute and good at the drums – both one of the friends of mine there and I agreef on that!) Kris went on stage a couple of times when The Familiars were playing, swearing and basically telling The Familiars what to sing next. He looked, which doesn’t mean he was, veeery drunk. At one stage, I feared that he would fall off the stage. At the end, when we were about to leave, Kris started a convo with us again and, to say goodbye, I reckon he could’ve chosen nicer words, than “Go, get out of here” when he considered the conversation was over.

The Familiar's drummer
The Familiar’s drummer, Michael Hardy.

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