I have a ‘Tunnel Vision’ for you, Justin

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience World Tour (Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, May 10)

Just at one point in my life when I needed this kind of boost, I’m surprised by my friend Sabah with Golden Circle tickets to frigging Justin Timberlake!!!

Ticket to Justin's Heaven

Ok, my love of Justin has always been some sort and on-and-off story. I have all his albums solo (not with NSYNC, you went pretty unnoticed by me back then, sorry, Justin, I didn’t like them that much), but it’s not the kind of music that 1) I like on the first listen; 2) I like as a whole. To tell you the truth, I even skip some of the songs! (‘Señorita’, urrghh, please!)

However, when I saw that he was going to release a new album (which turned out to be two) last year after so long – he’d been on quite a few movies and TV shows in the meantime – I was so much looking forward to him coming to Europe!

And why? Because, as John Legend would sing, I love his “perfect imperfections.” Justin is not a great actor (he will never ever win an Oscar), and he is certainly not a great comedian (he even laughs when he’s acting as one, but who cares if he cracks you up!); he’s not an outstanding dancer but you just love seeing him move and smile; he’s not extremely handsome, but he brings (classic, never old-fashioned or overdone) sexy back; and he’s got a great vocal range, with a perfect falsetto and a great live act, but his lower lip moves right and down at times, making him look really ugly. Yet, as I said, he’s frigging Justin Timberlake!!!

Justin Timberlake

Last night’s concert lasted 2h15’ with a little pause in between. Well worth the wait. What can I say about it… Well, as a concert, it was one of many: American style, some moving stages that made the audience feel that they were dancing ‘WITH’ JT and his back-up dancers, elegant outfits, spectacular lightning (shame it doesn’t appear well reflected in my crappy pics); constant reminiscences of his video clips, some of which could be considered short movies; well-chosen setlist (even if he sang ‘Señorita’ urgggh, please!). And among many, the greatest highlights for me were ‘Mirrors’, ‘FutureSex/LoveSound’, ‘Cry Me A River’, ‘Tunnel Vision’, ‘Take Back The Night’, ‘SexyBack’, ‘TKO’, ‘LoveStoned’ and, of course, ‘What Goes Around… Comes Around’. I was dying to hear Justin say the lines: ‘Let me paint this picture for you, baby’ and ‘Just a classic case, a scenario tale as old as time,/ (…) Girl you got what you deserved’.

But what made this concert – or rather Justin-  special is that, in contrast with what happened to me when I saw Bruno Mars (that I didn’t see ‘him’), I saw ‘Justin’ from minute 0: of course his influences (Michael Jackson, R&B, hip-hop, Elvis Presley) are undeniable, but when it was the moment to pay tribute to them, he did, and the rest of time, although he acknowledged the work of the dancers (we’re the dancers! :P ) and of the musicians, I could enjoy what everything this concert was about: frigging Justin Timberlake!!! And yes, I’ll say it out loud: I have a tunnel vision… for you, Justin!


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