Everyone Has a Past Life

gotye stiutk9
Gotye in London – November 2012

I always say jokingly ‘Everyone has a past life and mine is the Backstreet Boys.’ The thing is, though, that during the last three years, I’ve devoted quite a long time to one single artist and his fandom due to the personal bonds it has meant: Gotye. I truly believe it was high time to say enough is enough (I can’t go on) to this on-way-too-many-levels energy-draining activity. So draining that, at one point, I was totally uncapable of listening to his music. So many mixed feelings it arose. The day to say farewell came only last week, when I clearly saw it all had reached a point of no return. I’m not the first to leave, and probably not the last one either.

These three years have brought along a rollercoaster of emotions, both good and not so good. I’ve taken with me a whole lot from this experience: how fandoms work, their hierarchical structures, the nutjobs you can get to know on the way, the laughs and emotions it can arise, the informal language and slang used on social networks and specialized music sites, how to post/tweet and try (many times unsuccessfully) to engage the audience, the friendships I’ve made and those that have got lost on the way, new music to grace my ears with, a bit about how the music biz works… The bonus: meeting most of the Gotye band members, the very G-Man, his close family and members of the management staff.

You can check all the activities I’ve taken part in on the several social networks and online spaces under the name of Gotyettes and Basicettes, including their pages on Facebook (Spanish version), Instagram and Twitter (in Spanish too), this blog with reflections (mine originally in English and then translated),  this dated website and this blog with translations into Spanish of texts published in the press.

Like the water flow in rivers changes and, oftentimes, so does their course, so does life. Hence the birth of this new blog of mine and, with it, a new river course to trace. To me, all the Gotye thingy started on January 21, 2012 and one of the peaks was, precisely, during AAAL 2012. AAAL 2015 is taking place as I write. The reason why I’m not there now might be how my river has overflown on and off during the last three years. Time to make this river flow again into the right sea, the Mar one.