Milky Chance: Flashback of a formerly flashed junk mind

Summer (rather winter, being Down Under) 2014. Tropical climate. Sweat and breeze. Cairrrrrrnnnnnns (QLD). Me on what now, in hindsight, could certainly qualify as a coming-of-age journey. We come back by bus from a beach day in Palm Cove, a nice (wouldn’t say beautiful) beach with warnings against crocs, palms (obviously) and golden sand. Back in the hostel, lying in bed, e-mailing BB aka BC for fun, I listen to this song for the first time…

Back to the citylife, a flashback. And I just can say, ‘focused on what you feel’, no flashed junk mind into play.

Now, Milky Chance is a German duo of school friends who slowly yet surely are going places with their music. At present, on tour in the US. Yep, they’re conquering America. After appearing on Jimmy Kimmel last October, only this week they were on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Six years after they met, they are finally making more and more people love their relaxing vibes with their handclaps, guitar-strumming based melodies and danceable grooves that will inevitably take you back to that summertime of your life. Their music certainly sounds like nothing else out there right now. If you are into folktronica with reggae and R&B influences, you should check out their debut album Sadnecessary.

To finish, a quote which, I believe, says it all:

„Milky Chance bietet eine Möglichkeit den Kopf auszuschalten, zu fühlen und sich fallen zu lassen. Musik, die in den Körper geht, zu der man sich bewegen möchte, die nicht drängt, nicht drückt, aber beim treiben lassen trägt.”

“Milky Chance gives you the opportunity to relax, to feel and to let all your worries go away. Music that really goes into your body, making you move, not pushing, but letting you drift away from everyday life.”

Aurelio Ghiradelli for Lichtdicht Records

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for this now.


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