Piece on the Release of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016’


When you collaborate for a website tackling not only music but also cinema and other showbiz events, chances are that you will be asked to write about things that have nothing to do with your background culture. Believe it or not, before writing this piece on the release of the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016, I had no idea of the existence of the cult movie it stems from. It turns out I should’ve been familiar with it, as there have even been events in Barcelona running for years related to this movie. All in all, writing this piece meant a couple of hours browsing the net, watching videos to grasp what the whole thing with the original movie and the remake is about and write the final piece. Knowing that Adam Lambert is in it and having just attended his concert with Queen makes me feel like watching this remake. Who would’ve thought!



2 thoughts on “Piece on the Release of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016’

  1. I have never seen the original, I have no interest in seeing the original.. But somehow, some-way, I will see this! Adam Lambert?! Hell Yes!


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