Comebacks to Be Grateful For

lcd soundystem
James Murphy de LCD Soundsystem at Berlin Festival 2010. Photo: Matt Biddulph. Source.

Since I started both being subscribed to tens of newsletters after missing the announcement of Coldplay‘s concert at the Estadi Olímpic in 2009 (Gosh!!!) and following as well tens of music magazines via feedly, it’s been way easier for me to make sense of all the info flood that I get every day and see connections, similarities and the like. This is the origin, precisely, of the idea to write this piece on the comeback of extremely different bands this year, bands that have something in common, though: they are all going to make an appearance at one or more festivals in Spain this summer. I’m talking about The Cranberries, LCD Soundsystem, The Corrs and Sopa de Cabra, which are bands that I’m very fond of. This didn’t prevent me, though, from making a brief mention of Los Chichos, who have also come back this year but, sorry not sorry, they’re not my cup of tea. Hence just the brief mention.

The header picture in the article published in the online mag was not of my choice.



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