ZOO XXI’s ‘No tot és tan bonic com sembla’

no tot és tan bonic com sembla zoo xxi
Artwork designed by Ana Lorente Diseño / Ilustración.

Roger Gascon, who I got to know about through The Lazy Lies, has recently been working on a new project for platform ZOO XXI consisting in an eponymous music album, the profits from which are aimed to improve the animals’ quality of life at zoos, among other things. I learned about the project through his FB and thought that writing a piece on it in Spanish (the first single, ‘No tot és tan bonic com sembla‘ – ‘Not everything is as nice as it seems’, is in Catalan) would help to extend the project beyond Catalonia even if it’s just a teeny-weeny bit, as I write for no big mags. And who knows, as this blog receives visits from remote countries from time to time, someone from Kiwiland or Down Under might find Catalan exotic enough to buy the single or the album. Plus, ‘No tot…’ is a good song. What else!

For now, only the first single, which you can purchase here for just 0.99€), has been released. It was written by Roger Gascon himself, who appears in the videoclip along with some solo artists and other collaborators from several well-known bands (Luthea Salom, Cesk Freixas, Sidonie, Pastora…) as well as with popular actors (Núria Gago, Jordi Roig, Mónica Pérez) who are also pro-animal rights.

By the way, the video on YouTube contains subtitles in Catalan, Spanish, French and English!

Finally, I must once again acknowledge Roger Gascon’s enthusiasm as well as his extremely prompt and generous help providing me with extra info missing on the press release as well as with several pictures related to the making of the music video clip. Always a pleasure… and a privilege!


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