Blissful Happiness with Mika & Molotov Jukebox


Even though I didn’t know whether I’d be able to make it – a friend was supposed to come over -, I wrote the announcement of the Bona Nit Barcelona Festival, an eco-friendly festival that has taken place at El Poble Espanyol for the last three years. To be honest, I only knew the headliner of its line-up, MIKA, who I had wanted to see live for years, but for some reason or another I hadn’t. Before him, though, I saw quite a few acts, namely Acció, who were okayish; Brika, who was alright; Caloncho, who were entertaining; Molotov Jukebox, who were lots of fun; and MIKA, who made me cry of happiness, which is in fact an accomplishment for any artist who, with their performance, get to my most inner self. Gosh, Mika’s smile is infectious. Finally, even though there was a DJ session to round up the evening, I didn’t stay there for it.

The evening was looooooooong as it all started at around 7pm. Or, rather, much earlier than that: the people at Indiescretos had been told that there existed the possibility of interviewing Natalia Tena from Molotov Jukebox and maybe Mika. That meant extra pressure and, of course, prior preparation of the questions for the interviews. In the end, none of this happened (we were told Molotov Jukebox were tight on time before their performance and so we didn’t even ask about Mika). Oh well, the questions are there, who knows if I’ll be able to recycle them one day.

Curiously, I met quite a few friends from different contexts at El Poble Espanyol (yep, we are all social beings), so I spent a little time with each of them, finishing the night, though, almost front row with a group of teens, one of whom is a lovely and amazingly creative student of mine. That was tons of fun, as he was accompanied by some of his friends, one of whom was, believe it or not, the main source of inspo to write the part of the review on Molotov Jukebox, which you find here. Doubtless, I instantly became a fan of that girl who, with her happiness (pun intended), enthusiasm, spontaneity and humor could raise all the spirits around her, including, of course, mine.

A great night, prelude of a great summer, hopefully.



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