Alan Parsons Live Project: A Dream that Didn’t Come True


A month ago I wrote the Alan Parsons Live Project announcement, a concert that took place at BARTS yesterday. Due to several mishaps, beyond my control, I was granted a press pass last minute, but just as a photographer only, which I’m not… yet. Photographers can stay for as long (or as short rather) as three songs and then take a seat if they also hold the dual writer pass or if they have been allotted one. If you are granted the photographer pass only and it’s a standing gig, no prob, you can stay for sure.

I was first told I would be able to stay on the lateral aisle during the rest of the concert as it was sold out and no seats were empty, yet once at the venue, I was told it wasn’t allowed either. Of course, I could’ve tried to look for an empty seat once inside, but being cheeky is not my thing. As the show was sold out, I couldn’t buy any ticket either, although I would’ve done so with pleasure, as I really felt like attending that gig. Disappointed, I decided not to even see the first three songs and headed home. Cites on TV3 was the alternative plan for the evening. Ha! Once again, one more life experience. Not of the happy sort, but an experience anyway.



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