Covering the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival Partially

jardins pedralbes m83 jose

Having written the announcement of this year’s series of concerts of the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival, Hipsterian Circus requested two press passes I asked for the concerts I felt like going. Once again, on this occasion, I wish I could’ve gone accompanied by a photographer. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Only press passes were granted this time. Hence the shameful quality of the shots I could take from the distance, as it wasn’t allowed to approach the stage.

My choice was that of M83 and José González. I wish I could’ve also seen Milky Chance (again, yes), but I had to work till late at night that day. I would’ve also liked to go and see Tom Jones, but I thought that requesting so many press passes was too much, so I stuck to just two. My choice wasn’t perhaps the best one, as M83 didn’t meet my expectations. They did have good moments, but the bland ones were more numerous than the ones worth highlighting, as I explain in my review of their gig. As for José González, to be honest, I expected much more too. While the atmosphere was perfect for his kind of music, that many slow tunes in a row were too much so we were all craving for some more upbeat melodies after a while. Besides, the almost non-existent moments where either he or any of his band members interacted with the audience made of this concert a very cold experience overall. The good (?!) thing is that it only lasted 1h15′. Here’s my review too.




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