You Don’t Wanna Hurt Yourself

One month ago, a friend recommended Fink to me, and the moment I listened to this song, I knew there’d be much more to it than just ‘a’ song.

The thing is that the evolution of this artist is kinda peculiar, listening to his latest album and the ones previous to the one this particular tune comes from, but what I want to write about now is not his change in style, but the lyrics to ‘Looking Too Closely.’

Recently (well, only yesterday), I lived one of my sharpest disappointments so far. It was no news, I had actually seen it coming from a few weeks back. The incoherence of it all made it blatant that it’s only when you fear to look closely at yourself, at what you are like, at what you want yet you don’t get to get just because – who would’ve thunk! -, it’s not served on a silver platter, it is then when you take the easiest way of them all. It is then when ‘the devil’ (quoting Fink) is not only in the details, but in the most obvious of acts, as what happens when children go naughty to get someone’s attention.

However, you should’ve known that…

The truth is like blood underneath your fingernails

And even if you first try to deny what there is/has been/was there at the start, then you have no other option but surrender, admit your incoherence and accept that you’ve done damage on the way. Lots of it. Just because…

you don’t wanna hurt yourself, hurt yourself

And you will do whatever it takes to avoid looking closely, because, oh well, it takes too much effort. I així anem fent.

So, as Fink would put it,

So don’t kid yourself, kid yourself
It’s you right there, right there in the mirror

And addressing now this particular ‘somebody else’ I have in mind, this kid kidding himself, even if you opt for looking closely some time soon, mind that collateral damage is already done anyway. Fortunately, I know you are aware of it.


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