Interview with Natalia Tena from Molotov Jukebox

Management teams seem to be crazy busy. Like seriously busy. So it takes lots of persistence to approach certain artists. There’s also the factor ‘Will you ever get any answer?’ You might get it, it might be positive, yet your proposal may never see the light anyway (yes, I have someone in mind). Fortunately, this wasn’t the case of Natalia Tena (Molotov Jukebox, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter). After a few e-mail exchanges with her music manager,  I finally got to interview her on the phone via WhatsApp. Ah, technology, I love it!


We were supposed to have the interview when Molotov Jukebox were playing Bona Nit Barcelona, but last-minute changes made it impossible. However, with a little bit of insistence and trying to match schedules, I got to contact her on the phone, while she was, I daresay, on the bus to or from some festival with the rest of her band mates.

It was cool to interview a Spanish native speaker with some transfer from English, especially in word order, pragmatics and vocabulary (yeah, my SLA researcher vein making an appearance here, can’t help it!). What I would like to highlight from that interview, however, is how outspoken, friendly and talkative Natalia was from beginning to end.

Thanks again for your time, Nat!

You can read the interview here and listen to it here.


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