Músiques Sensibles Press Release


The Foyer of the Gran Teatre del Liceu happens to host the Músiques Sensibles (Sensitive Musics) cycle of concerts for which I wrote this little piece of news. This year, the line-up is quite varied in styles so there’s a wide range to choose from. However, if I could (if it weren’t for the overlaps with other activities I already have scheduled), I would certainly go and see at least two acts. On the one hand, Elena Gadel, whose voice I believe is magical.  On the other hand, Dolo Beltrán, as I just love most of her work. I totally enjoyed her role as Dani in Infidels, a defiantly brave tv series that, imo, needed a third season, as well as her work as a lead vocalist in Pastora, who I was glad to see a while ago at the Sala Salamandra and whose ‘Cuánta vida and ‘Y qué pasa si soy del montón‘ are easily my faves of this band.


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