NOS Primavera Sound 2017 Per Days

NOS Primavera Sound, Primavera Sound’s little brother, has just announced its program per days. As I’m expected to be in charge of the PS coverage, while waiting to, hopefully, be authorized to cover it as a press member, this week the Hipsterian Circus contents staff sent me the press release on the distribution of acts per days so that I wrote a little piece on it. To be frank, I’ve wondered for quite a long time what it is like to attend the NOS, and thought, at the same time, that it must be much more appropriate for my age, energy and stamina. This is because it usually offers a tasteful selection of acts from the PS line-up distributed in three days, all of which presented at the same level of importance. Or, at least, that’s how they are shown, that is, appearing with the same font size in the poster. But, wait, any music fan will know that you probably cannot compare Núria Graham with Bon Iver, can you? Note to you, PS organizers: your poster layout is misleading, and you know it.


A reduced line-up obviously means that the overlaps are fewer than at the PS and that frustration is going to come in a lesser degree for not having to miss out on so many acts at times. The downside, though, is that 1) it takes place in Porto; 2) you will certainly miss to see great names such as Arcade Fire or Van Morrison. You can’t have it all, nope.

For the moment, I just know I’ll be attending the PS, feel exhausted by the end of it, regret having bought the ticket due to the physical pain and buy the ticket again for the following year because, we, human beings, don’t always learn from past experience.


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