Vida BBQ Item

vida-bbq-2017Being in charge of the novelties in the Vida Festival for Hipsterian Circus, last week I wrote about the bbq the festival is holding this year on May 13. I do have the ticket for the festival already, so I could be attending all these extra events the festival is offering before the fest itself, as most of them are free… but Vilanova is a bit too far away from my place. However, this event I wrote about is quite appealing, not for the menu, but for the acts playing and the new announcements that will be taking place. It’ll also be convenient so as to see how transport works there and the time I spend to get to the venue. So, yes, I might drop by, but only for a while, as The Lazy Lies are playing that eve too, and I can’t be in two places at the same time. We’ll see…


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