Cruïlla 2018

Cruïlla 2018Though rather ill, I’ve attended the Cruïlla Festival. As with the Vida, this year’s Cruïlla’s line-up wasn’t anything out of this world, but it’s been a fun weekend anyway. What I’m quite pissed off about is about next year’s dates, as they overlap with Vida’s. WTF!

Read the reviews here: Friday, Saturday.

Vida Festival 2018 – Reviews

As previously announced, I’ve attended the Vida Festival 2018, the line-up of which was rather weak this year. Hence my lack of enthusiasm about it. The festival is over and I can’t stop this feeling of knowing that I would’ve probably enjoyed the minor acts more than the headliners. Oh well, too late to go back in time. Here are the reviews:

Fárdelej Festival Announcement

fardelej2018I’ve just been sent the press release of a festival that, if it weren’t for the distance, I wouldn’t mind going to: the Fárdelej Festival. Why so? Because lately I’ve seen people post about Coque Malla several times, which has caught my attention, tbh. He’s a singer I lost track of when he was still with Los Ronaldos,as I wasn’t that keen on their music, yet I have the feeling that he has readdressed his career in such a way that he might as well be a singer I wouldn’t mind keeping tabs on. The piece, here.