Alborotador Gomasio’s Single Release Item

alborotador gomasioI almost forget about writing about this short news item I wrote last week. The present events in Catalonia have us all in a kind of emotional shock. Hence my delay in writing this entry. Anyways, it’s just a small piece writing about the single release and a small description of the videoclip that accompanies it.

‘Las Chicas Lo Petan’ Item

pertiga-cartel-RGB.jpgNow that feminist movements are on their heyday, a new event has come to add to the whole thing. I’m talking about the ‘Las chicas lo petan’, hold by a new label called ‘pértiga music’. While I’m not so sure why having only women could be a reason for success, it is, anyway, the hallmark of this whole movement and label. Wherever all this take us, here‘s the little piece I wrote about the event and the label’s birth.

Frank Ocean’s Dropout and Jamie xx Replacement

primavera sound nuevos horarios.jpgIt’s curious how you can say the same thing in a positive or negative light. Today’s big let down has doubtless been Frank Ocean cancelling his performance at Primavera Sound. However, this press release wasn’t mentioned or refered to in any way in the change that his drop-out has meant, that is, Jamie xx joining the festival line-up. Instead, only certain changes in schedules have been mentioned. What I’ve done when getting the press release in my inbox is precisely a merge between these two happenings so they fit in just one news item for Hipsterian Circus.

Vida Festival Press Conference

The Vida Festivida2017val press conference took place only a couple of hours ago yet it only took me a few minutes to get the article on it for Hipsterian Circus right after the end of this press conference thanks to its live stream. Unlike what I did for the Sónar last year, even though I could’ve also attended this press conference, I’ve decided to live stream this one instead, as I would be able to be taking notes on my PC simultaneously and get the article done in a matter of minutes.

Now, off-topic, I’m not sure if I’m happy about how this festival is growing, as it used to be one of those events where you knew for sure that you’d be close to the stage whenever you decided to approach it. What I’m sure about is that I’m pretty excited to see Warpaint and Phoenix again and Pau Vallvé, Pavvla and The Flaming Lips for the first time. More on this next July!

Bala Perduda Contest Announcement

bala perdudaWhen you are feeling grand, PMS stops being a thing and you don’t friggin’ care to spit the many silly things that crossed my mind when I was writing this piece on yet another novel music band contest, especially if the supervisors of the media outlet where it’s going to be published welcome you being both critical and silly. This time the news item is about the Bala Perduda contest, organized by the Sala Apolo, an extremely popular small-size venue in Barcelona and one of the best aspects of the award pack is, imo, the possibility of playing at Primavera Sound 2017, for which I already have my ticket and which is a golden chance to play at one of the best-known, crammed and popular music showrooms in Barcelona.


Item on the Vodafone yu Music Talent

This is a piece I’m not that happy about, as I couldn’t add much of a personal touch to it plus it was written under time constraints. Besides, for some reason, the embed codes of the videos were not working properly, so the whole thing resulted in a rather bland text.

My First Press Conference: Sònar 2016

Promotional image.

And yep, there you see me, on a Thursday morning, attending a press conference for the first time in my life, surrounded by actual, professional journalists and other wannabes who preferred taking selfies and adding animal ears and noses to them to then post them on Snapchat to paying attention to whatever was being explained by the organizers and authorities. There were also some journalists who, perhaps sick and tired of attending such events, preferred catching up with the colleague next to them in a rather loud voice to taking notes or respecting silence. In any case, the Sònar 2016 Press Conference was not just fun to attend but also a challenge, as I could relive the experience of how hard it is to take notes. As a student, that’s rather easy, as teachers tend to adjust their speech rate to their students’ writing pace (ok, me being the exception that sets the rule), but that wasn’t obviously the case this time. In addition to the succinct summary of what’s in store in this year’s Sònar, we were given a press kit with tons of info which came in handy when checking facts before writing my final article. To my surprise (though I take it’s something natural), there were also sandwiches and drinks to help oneself at the end of the event, as well as a bag with one bottle of Estrella Damm (the main sponsor) for all the attendants to the event, gift that I didn’t dare to take because there was no one at the table to deliver it when I left the venue before almost everybody else. Of course, real life goes on and other duties were calling besides this journo escape.

For those who are wondering, no, in principle, I won’t be attending this year’s Sònar even though its line-up is stunning. * sobbing *