Desert Mountain Tribe Gig Announcement

desert mountain tribeHaving two jobs and trying to be a collaborator for online magazines at the same time makes it a bit impossible to be able to be everywhere when required. That’s why an overlapping meeting of one of my jobs is what prevented me from attending Desert Mountain Tribe‘s gig as a press member. Darn! Instead, I had to go with just the announcement of the release of their latest videoclip and of their concert on September 14 at Sala Sidecar. Oh well, next time…


Vida Festival 2018: First Act Confirmed

nick mulvey vida festivalScarcely had my last review on the Vida Festival 2017 appeared published when I was already being asked to write about the confirmation of the first act (some Nick Mulvey that I’ll have to do some research into) and a little summary on this year’s festival attendance as well as the release of the first tickets for next year at a reduced price here. Does this mean I’ll be covering the Vida Festival as a press member? No idea, but I do know that I already have my ticket for next year, and that I’ll be renting a hotel room for those days, seeing the deplorable experience I had this year with the Monbus coaches.

Vida Festival Review Items

vida horariosSo the day came when I had to head for the Vida Festival in Vilanova i la Geltrú. There I especially enjoyed Phoenix, PAVVLA and Warpaint and suffered the lack of frequency in means of transport. For more, read the account for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

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Festival Parc de la Linera Item

parc lineraIt seems that Parets del Vallès will be holding the Festival Parc de la Linera for the third time, event about which I wrote this little piece for Hipsterian Circus. Although this year this festival doesn’t seem to have any well-known acts (yet), it has welcomed names that are now rather known in the present local music scene, such as Cala Vento and The Crab Apples, the latter participating in this year’s Primavera Sound. You never know where a festival like Parc de la Linera will surprise you or not, so it can certainly be a good chance to discover a new band which might enjoy some success in the (near) future.

Marem Ladson Latest Addition to Vida Festival

vida horariosWhile it’s true that I was aware that Vida Festival was involved in some sort of program for young talents, I got to truly know about it when I was asked to write this piece on the latest addition to the Vida Festival line-up: Marem Ladson. She’s been added for Thursday, the day that I was planning to spend the whole time at the Estrella Damm stage. Let’s see if/how this addition is going to affect my initial plans.  Whatever I do, it’s an artist worth checking out.

Getting Ready for the Vida Festival

vida horariosHaving been officially confirmed that I will be covering the Vida Festival as a press member, I’ve been juggling with the schedules, transport, and what my survival kit will consist of, as it’s not a festival that you could say takes place round the corner. Vilanova i la Geltrú is rather well communicated but if you have to depend on public transport and you can’t reach your house using it in less than 2h 30′ at least, as is my case, living in Badalona, there are a few important issues that must be taken care of before leaving for the fest. This and other aspects are what I talk about in this article published yesterday by Hipsterian Circus.

Vida Festival Stage/Schedules Announcement

vida horariosHow to write an at least 300 word long article starting out from just three lines of text. Well, this has been the exercise I’ve had to do in order to write the piece on this announcement for Hipsterian Circus. The idea behind the article is, basically, one of logistics. Comparing the fest schedules between them and seeing whether there were any overlaps which made it impossible to be at two places at the same time. It might not be the best of my writing pieces but at least it’s a good reading start for those who, like me, are going to the festival and will have to decide who to see and where not only on the basis of likes and dislikes but taking into account other factors as well.