Enormous Delays ‘cuz Divas Think They’re Worth it

The last article I wrote during the probationary period as a collaborator for Hipsterian Circus was an article on a topic freely chosen. Even if it doesn’t tackle music directly, I opted for an issue that, unfortunately, has become something too regular in concerts nowadays: the unjustified delays in the start of divas’ concerts. It was published on May 6 here. A nice birthday present. By the way, neither the images nor their placement are mine.

On Memes: My Second Article for Hipsterian Circus

The second article I was asked to write for Hipsterian Circus revolves around the (humorous or not) effects that memes cause. This was a topic I had never been especially interested in, so I had to do a little bit of research, but it was relatively quick to formulate an opinion and write it down as it appears in this article. The only image I added myself is the tombstone one. The rest of edits are not mine.