Calexico Coming to Vida Festival

Calexico Vida FestivalGosh, I had just finished writing the piece on St. Vincent coming to the Vida Festival when, bam! another e-mail waiting in my inbox announcing the news that Calexico are also joining the Vida Festival next year. Mini-piece on it, here. Tbh, no idea who they are, so I’ll have to do quite a lot of research on them if I intend to appreciate their concert a bit.


Franz Ferdinand Confirmed for the Vida Festival

franz ferdinand vida festivalYet again, it seems that I will be updating Hipsterian’s website with the Vida Festival 2018 announcements. This time, Franz Ferdinand as part of the festival’s fifth edition line-up. Only this weekend I got the accommodation as an advanced Christmas present so, yes, I’ll certainly be attending the fest without having to suffer any of those transport ordeals I went through last year. More on this to come soon!

Alborotador Gomasio’s Single Release Item

alborotador gomasioI almost forget about writing about this short news item I wrote last week. The present events in Catalonia have us all in a kind of emotional shock. Hence my delay in writing this entry. Anyways, it’s just a small piece writing about the single release and a small description of the videoclip that accompanies it.

‘Las Chicas Lo Petan’ Item

pertiga-cartel-RGB.jpgNow that feminist movements are on their heyday, a new event has come to add to the whole thing. I’m talking about the ‘Las chicas lo petan’, hold by a new label called ‘pértiga music’. While I’m not so sure why having only women could be a reason for success, it is, anyway, the hallmark of this whole movement and label. Wherever all this take us, here‘s the little piece I wrote about the event and the label’s birth.

Desert Mountain Tribe Gig Announcement

desert mountain tribeHaving two jobs and trying to be a collaborator for online magazines at the same time makes it a bit impossible to be able to be everywhere when required. That’s why an overlapping meeting of one of my jobs is what prevented me from attending Desert Mountain Tribe‘s gig as a press member. Darn! Instead, I had to go with just the announcement of the release of their latest videoclip and of their concert on September 14 at Sala Sidecar. Oh well, next time…

Interview With Artist Javi Corellano

Javi Corellano - Barcelona After The Flood
Barcelona After The Flood – Javi Corellano

After I don’t know how many frustrated attempts to carry out an interview with some musician or artist, last Monday I had the pleasure to meet artist Javi Corellano, who is opening his new exhibition The Glowing End on Thursday 13 at the Nasty Garage. It was a pleasure to chat with this charming man as well as with his manager, Montse Carreño, who was most kind and attentive before, during and after the interview.

I had never prepared an interview with an artist, so I just followed the google-the-interviewee-as-much-as-you-can procedure and got to know quite a few curious things about him and his multifaceted work that I hope you will enjoy reading about in this interview, published in Hipsterian Circus.