Cruïlla 2018

Cruïlla 2018Though rather ill, I’ve attended the Cruïlla Festival. As with the Vida, this year’s Cruïlla’s line-up wasn’t anything out of this world, but it’s been a fun weekend anyway. What I’m quite pissed off about is about next year’s dates, as they overlap with Vida’s. WTF!

Read the reviews here: Friday, Saturday.


Vida Festival 2018 – Reviews

As previously announced, I’ve attended the Vida Festival 2018, the line-up of which was rather weak this year. Hence my lack of enthusiasm about it. The festival is over and I can’t stop this feeling of knowing that I would’ve probably enjoyed the minor acts more than the headliners. Oh well, too late to go back in time. Here are the reviews:

Telefèric Fest Kicks Off In Badalona & Montgat

telefericI’ve been kind of surprised to see that Badalona, my hometown, and Montgat will be holding a new festival, the line-up of which is made up of artists with one thing in common: they are all Catalan. This is certainly a new festival that I believe can be a good platform for many local artists. I’ve written about the presentation of its first edition here.

Free Acts at PS2018

primavera sound_mThat I wasn’t going to be granted a press pass for the Primavera Sound festival was no surprise. That doesn’t mean, though, that I’m not attending it anyway. Who knows if for the last time. I won’t do it for free, and neither would I have done so with a press pass, which in theory costs 50€, … and notice the ‘in theory’, because I actually doubt that any paying passes are granted anyway. In any case, everyone can enjoy some free acts organized by the Primavera Sound during the month of May as well as the opening and closing sessions in June. Here’s a little piece I’ve written about it all.