Frank Ocean’s Dropout and Jamie xx Replacement

primavera sound nuevos horarios.jpgIt’s curious how you can say the same thing in a positive or negative light. Today’s big let down has doubtless been Frank Ocean cancelling his performance at Primavera Sound. However, this press release wasn’t mentioned or refered to in any way in the change that his drop-out has meant, that is, Jamie xx joining the festival line-up. Instead, only certain changes in schedules have been mentioned. What I’ve done when getting the press release in my inbox is precisely a merge between these two happenings so they fit in just one news item for Hipsterian Circus.


PS 2017 Programme Per Days


A couple of weeks ago, the people at Hipsterian Circus HQ asked me what festivals I was planning to go to next year. I told them that, for sure, Primavera Sound, Cruïlla and Vida Festival, as I already have the tickets for them. Attending those festivals, and potentially covering them, means giving updates on them too, as announcements see the light. This is the case of this little piece I wrote last Wednesday on the presentation of the programme per day of the Primavera Sound 2017. I could already see that I’ll most probably be miss Cigarettes After Sex unless they play from 9pm on and that Friday, which is my worst day regarding working hours, is packed with big names such as Flying Lotus, Frank Ocean and The xx. I just now pray to God for all of them to play after 10:30pm… and with no overlaps!
[to be continued…]