Vida Festival Biggest Line-Up Announcement To Date

Vida FestivalVida Festival announced last week 30 new names for the line-up. A line-up that is still to get me hooked despite the confirmation of the performance of The Crab Apples, whose lead singer Carla Gimeno I happened to bump into the morning of the day I wrote this news item.


Primavera Sound Line-Up Announcement

primavera sound_m.jpgOne day before expected, Primavera Sound has announced this year’s line-up. As opposed to what my emotions/reactions have been so far towards the Vida Festival line-up, I can’t be more excited about this year’s PS edition, with acts of the likes of The National, the great Lorde, The Breeders, Warpaint or Grizzly Bear, among many others. I wrote briefly about it for Hipsterian Circus, while waiting for some quieter times to be able to choose which ones I’m deffo going to see (if no overlaps, that is!).

Primavera Sound Teases Line-Up

primavera sound teaser.jpgI must confess I got bitchy-inspired for the item on the Primavera Sound line-up teaser. Apparently, 10 megacool people from all around the world were the lucky ones to get to know the Primavera Sound 2018 line-up before the rest of mortals. In the video, you can see how they react to the announcements. Some of them get really emotional, up to the point that it makes me wonder if their reactions are as natural as they can be or if they are a bit fake, considering that the Primavera Sound line-up contains tens and tens of names that, honestly, who knows them!