The Best Concerts 2016 Gave Me

According to my records, I’ve attended 73 concerts this year, including those in festivals. As I always say, if I ever go to a concert, it’s to be thrilled, to be moved, to feel something. Mind that I haven’t written about all of these 73 and some of them I have, but elsewhere. So… what follows is nothing but the list of those concerts that have meant something to me on that day, for whatever reason. There I go, and in chronological order…

1. Florence + The Machine – 17/4/16, Palacio Vistalegre, Madrid 

That concert meant meeting Mané López for the first time (it seems as if it had happened so long ago!)  and not having to write about it for any mag, unlike what I did for the same gig in Barcelona. Though I did write about it anyway. It was too good to let it escape. I had a  whale of a time despite the fact that the concert was pretty much the same as the one in Barcelona. Oh well…

2. Marlango – 24/4/16, Sala BARTS, Barcelona


When I grow up, I just wanna be like Leonor Watling. Period. And this.

3. The Lazy Lies & Indigos – 21/5/16, Sala BeGood, Barcelona


That eve was pretty emotional, as for the first time, I met Malou Bustos, former TLL manager, with whom I had been talking now and then for ages on Twitter. I also met Iván Gil, the photographer who invited me to a Coke before the gig (I still owe you!) to get to know each other and later on became my friend. It all made me enjoy the concerts in a very special mood. As for the gigs, I was gladly surprised about the quality of both bands, them being rather unknown. Who would’ve thought as well that would be the starting point for so many connections. It’s a small world, indeed. And yes, I also wrote about both performances.

4. Queen + Adam Lambert – 22/5/16, Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona

queen + adam lambert

Yeah, Adam Lambert is not Freddie Mercury. But I arrived late at the party. Better late than never, though. (more)

5. Coldplay – 26/5/16, Estadi Olímpic de Barcelona

A helluva show. Something like this.

6. Daughter- 2/6/16, Parc del Fòrum, Primavera Sound 

daughter (4)

If someone makes you cry with the beauty of their performance, what else can you ask for?

7. PJ Harvey – 4/6/16, Parc del Fòrum, Primavera Sound

PJ Harvey (47)

Having no idea what she’s in for and ending up totally mesmerized. That’s the PJ Harvey effect.

8. Mika – 11/6/16, Poble Espanyol, Barcelona 


Nothing but fun. And joy. And friendship. And bliss. And this.

9. Ramon Mirabet & Alabama Shakes, Cruïlla, Parc del Fòrum 

CruÏlla 2016 collage

I would’ve liked to add Damien Rice too but he moved me more at PS2015. In any case, from Cruïlla 2016, the highlights were: Alabama Shakes, who were outstanding, and Ramon Mirabet, undoubtedly a promise of the present Catalan music scene.

10. Whitney – 23/10/16, Sala Apolo, Barcelona


If their album is one of my faves this year, their performance did nothing but confirm that they are great.

11. Placebo – 19/11/16, Sportpaleis, Antwerp

If one of your fave bands isn’t coming to town, you gotta go after them to celebrate their 20th anniversary comme il faut.

Bring it on for more concerts, 2017!

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The Lazy Lies & Indigos Receive Mª Mar’s Treatment

After having meant to write about The Lazy Lies, an emerging band, for months yet not having got around to it, at long last I found the time to (or rather, I had no other option but) write about them. The occasion? Their gig together with Indigos at the BeGood in Barcelona for which I wrote the announcement and, after attending it, the concert review. Attending The Lazy Lies’ gig made it possible for me to grasp the essence of this band better. Likewise, it made it easier for me to proofread and add the last touches to their debut album review, which you can also find here.

Montse Bernad from The Lazy Lies and Joss Santos from Indigos. Promotional picture (source).

Last Saturday’s was an intimate gig that I enjoyed a lot. The Lazy Lies sounded and looked so sweet up there on the stage! I could also confirm that Indigos were born in the wrong country, so to speak. To my knowledge, the style of these two bands is nothing like whatever music is being made in Spain at the moment, not to mention their exquisite English pronunciation, which was music to my ears as a teacher of English.

But that wasn’t all: that night I also had the chance to meet two people with whom I’d been interacting online in some way or another. First, Iván Gil, the photographer who took the pics for the review, and then, Malou Bustos, a multifaceted professional, former Ol’Green singer, translator and now artistic producer and social media and tour manager, that I started interacting with by chance on Twitter like more than one year ago to realize we were attending the same events once they were over. And… guess what! Montse Bernad, the The Lazy Lies’ lead singer, came to me when I was about to leave because she recognized me from the time when we studied together at the Conservatori Professional de Música de Badalona as kids! I just can’t get how come I couldn’t recognize her from the promotional pics or while she was performing!

Perhaps this gig wasn’t sold out, but to me, it was a great night after all. And, yep, certainly, it’s a small world.

*I would like to take the chance to thank both Roger Gascon (yep, no graphic stress, I get it!) and Malou Bustos from Lula Music for their help and their prompt answers to my questions regarding the texts mentioned here.