Cruïlla 2016: No Sleep for Me This Time!

After having ended up knackered at last year’s Cruïlla, this year I had to give the best of me there, as I was attending the fest as a press member. This meant no sleep for me this time, at least not at the Forum. Nope!

cruilla-2016I started covering the Cruïlla event on Hipsterian Circus a bit “late”, as compared to some websites’ coverage, as I first had to finish the probation period, then suggest the topic, get the approval and then get down to it. Covering a festival, both the pre- and the while- is no easy task, as there are many goings-on related to it: new confirmations, playlists announcements, changes in the schedule… That also includes, of course, choosing the bands you think you are going to enjoy the most or you are most interested in – and if you are not, then make the effort to get to know them and go see them with an open mind. Finally, the fest itself, which means hours and hours of music and fun but also loads of energy spent to be attentive and getting the essence of what will end up being the backbone of the different gigs.

So here’s my coverage of the Cruïlla festival for Hipsterian Circus. First of all, the schedule announcement. As opposed to Primavera’s – and there being fewer stages -, I was happy to see that there were hardly any overlaps involving the bands that I was most excited to see. Of couse, you cannot say this in an article meant to be impartial or, rather, ‘general(isable)’, so I kept that to myself and wrote about how cool it is that Cruïlla offers a wide variety of styles and that their line-up has so many different ingredients that you can decide on your own menu depending on the mood you have on such or such other day. That is precisely what I ended up doing: my mental schedule kept on changing as the nights were advancing.

After this article, I realized that the fest was publishing a series of playlists in their social networks made either by the organization or by the very artists performing in the fest. In order to make up for my delay in the coverage of the fest, I summarized whatever lists they had published up to that day in this article. I kind of felt proud to have taken the initiative to write about something that, apparently uninteresting, could also offer some food for thought as to whether the platform used for such purpose was the most convenient one regarding collaboration/interaction from punters.

Then I wrote the item of news on the Cruïlla covers competition. Even though the news wasn’t that extraordinary, I believed I could give it a humorous touch that I myself would appreciate as a reader. Several other competitions were set up by the festival organizer, about which I wrote in this article.

Finally, the fest review, which appeared as a featured news item that week! As encouraged by my ‘bosses’ at Hipsterian, I did say what I thought from the bottom of my heart and so I included some humor and pseudoirrelevant comments to leave my personal mark in the article, unlike what you might find in reviews of regular newspapers. This being a festival review, I also covered logistics aspects, such as toilets, food trucks or stages location.

The thing is that, on the fest days, I ended up going to fewer gigs than I had planned in my mind but it was a very enjoyable experience anyway that I lived along with several friends. The gigs I enjoyed the most were, undoubtedly, Damien Rice, Alabama Shakes and Vetusta Morla (* fan girling mode on for this one *), which I believe shows in my review. Also, I wish I had had the energy to stay for Skunk Anansie, but it was too late at night. I must be getting old…

CruÏlla 2016 collage

I also took pictures of the performances with my compact camera, as we weren’t granted a photo pass. That means the quality of the pics is just acceptable. If only I could’ve got in with at least my hybrid cam. In spite of that, I’m a bit proud of some of the pics I took of Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes and of Pucho from Vetusta Morla. Oh my, those beautiful human beings!

See you next year, Cruïlla!