Vida Festival 2018 – Reviews

As previously announced, I’ve attended the Vida Festival 2018, the line-up of which was rather weak this year. Hence my lack of enthusiasm about it. The festival is over and I can’t stop this feeling of knowing that I would’ve probably enjoyed the minor acts more than the headliners. Oh well, too late to go back in time. Here are the reviews:


My “Favourites” for Vida Festival 2018

Vida FestivalWhile not being that motivated to go to the Vida Festival this year, I had to write about my supposedly “fave” acts for this year. Here’s is the piece.

Vida Festival Biggest Line-Up Announcement To Date

Vida FestivalVida Festival announced last week 30 new names for the line-up. A line-up that is still to get me hooked despite the confirmation of the performance of The Crab Apples, whose lead singer Carla Gimeno I happened to bump into the morning of the day I wrote this news item.