Marem Ladson Latest Addition to Vida Festival

vida horariosWhile it’s true that I was aware that Vida Festival was involved in some sort of program for young talents, I got to truly know about it when I was asked to write this piece on the latest addition to the Vida Festival line-up: Marem Ladson. She’s been added for Thursday, the day that I was planning to spend the whole time at the Estrella Damm stage. Let’s see if/how this addition is going to affect my initial plans.  Whatever I do, it’s an artist worth checking out.

Getting Ready for the Vida Festival

vida horariosHaving been officially confirmed that I will be covering the Vida Festival as a press member, I’ve been juggling with the schedules, transport, and what my survival kit will consist of, as it’s not a festival that you could say takes place round the corner. Vilanova i la Geltrú is rather well communicated but if you have to depend on public transport and you can’t reach your house using it in less than 2h 30′ at least, as is my case, living in Badalona, there are a few important issues that must be taken care of before leaving for the fest. This and other aspects are what I talk about in this article published yesterday by Hipsterian Circus.

Vida Festival Stage/Schedules Announcement

vida horariosHow to write an at least 300 word long article starting out from just three lines of text. Well, this has been the exercise I’ve had to do in order to write the piece on this announcement for Hipsterian Circus. The idea behind the article is, basically, one of logistics. Comparing the fest schedules between them and seeing whether there were any overlaps which made it impossible to be at two places at the same time. It might not be the best of my writing pieces but at least it’s a good reading start for those who, like me, are going to the festival and will have to decide who to see and where not only on the basis of likes and dislikes but taking into account other factors as well.

Vida Festival Schedule Out

vida horarios.jpgCreating a news item out of just one schedule and in no time is no easy task. That’s, however, what I had to do anywayz for Hipsterian Circus to publish the announcement. This forced me to have a proper look at the line-up and, to tell you the truth, I’m much more excited about the Vida Festival and the Cruïlla this year than I am for Primavera Sound. We’ll see the resulting feeling after the events as such.

Vida BBQ Item

vida-bbq-2017Being in charge of the novelties in the Vida Festival for Hipsterian Circus, last week I wrote about the bbq the festival is holding this year on May 13. I do have the ticket for the festival already, so I could be attending all these extra events the festival is offering before the fest itself, as most of them are free… but Vilanova is a bit too far away from my place. However, this event I wrote about is quite appealing, not for the menu, but for the acts playing and the new announcements that will be taking place. It’ll also be convenient so as to see how transport works there and the time I spend to get to the venue. So, yes, I might drop by, but only for a while, as The Lazy Lies are playing that eve too, and I can’t be in two places at the same time. We’ll see…

Vida Festival & Movistar Piece

vida - movistar.jpgHow to write 300 words out of an extremely short press release on the commercial collaboration between the Vida Festival and Movistar. Well, here it is. Continuing writing on the Vida Festival, festival for which I’m going to apply for a press pass, last Friday I wrote a piece on that. The thing is that articles for Hipsterian Circus should be no shorter than 300 words, so I had to be “creative” in this one and merge another news item on volunteering at the festival to reach the minimum words. Had I had more time (it wasn’t the case, as the last two days and a half of last week were more bizarre than crazy), I would’ve written about the acts mentioned, but, oh well, c’est la vie.

Vida Festival Press Conference

The Vida Festivida2017val press conference took place only a couple of hours ago yet it only took me a few minutes to get the article on it for Hipsterian Circus right after the end of this press conference thanks to its live stream. Unlike what I did for the Sónar last year, even though I could’ve also attended this press conference, I’ve decided to live stream this one instead, as I would be able to be taking notes on my PC simultaneously and get the article done in a matter of minutes.

Now, off-topic, I’m not sure if I’m happy about how this festival is growing, as it used to be one of those events where you knew for sure that you’d be close to the stage whenever you decided to approach it. What I’m sure about is that I’m pretty excited to see Warpaint and Phoenix again and Pau Vallvé, Pavvla and The Flaming Lips for the first time. More on this next July!